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All Our VPS Servers Come With The Following As Standard

  • Your own server resources
  • Free Weekly Backups
  • Local VPS Servers Hosted in CPT or JHB
  • Extremely high and scalable performance
  • SSD & Magnetic Storage Options
  • 100 Mbps uplink
  • Fast, efficient upgrades
  • VPN Options
  • Manged Server Options

Why get a VPS from Western Cloud?

As a Hosting provider, we pride ourselves on customer support & affordable solutions.
We offer more than just hosting, we can assist you with software, hardware and support around the clock.

Instant, automated provisioning

Get your VPS fast we will assist you with your choise of OS

Rapid, quality technical support

Get support via Tickets, online chat or give us a call

Enterprise-grade Hardware

We can scale your VPS to whatever needs you might have fast and effitant


Be safe and secure behinde our VPN Network fast and relaible

Virtual Console

Controle your VPS with our industry standard controle panel

Choose your own control panel

Controle your Server via Web browser or even a mobile app!

Your Questions, Our Answers

We offer many of the most popular distributions including but not limited to Centos, Ubuntu Server, Debian, FreeBSD and many others. Do you need something custom please contact support and we’ll do our best to load the ISO for you.

Each Server comes with a public  Static IPV4 Address, should you need more IP please contact support

Shared hosting is all in the name you share resources as well are limited by load balancing.

VPS Server are dedicated resources only available to you

Speedy and scalable
We use only enterprise Supermicro Hosts with at least Dual CPU Intel Xeon CPUs with a base clock of 2.5GHz and DDR4 RAM

1000+ Happy Customers

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