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VOIP Package Concurrent Calls Call Cost Keep your Number Extra number Monthly
Home VOIP 2 Concurrent Calls Average 0.37c PM Keep your Number R150 Additional number R5 R50.00 Order Now
Business VOIP Unlimited Concurrent Calls Average 0.37c PM Keep your Number R150 Additional number R5 R100.00 Order Now

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Western Cloud PBX Options

Custome Cloud PBX Options, Only Pay for what you need

Switchboard PBX Hosting

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Package Include (10 Extensions)
  • Extra per Extension (R35 PM)
  • Call recording per 25GB  (R100 PM)
  • Mobile app
  • Browser-Based Access
  • Works with any IP Phone
  • Free Internal Calls
  • Managed PBX

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3CX PBX Hosting

  • Dedicated VPS
  • Per Extension (R100)
  • 4 Concurrent Calls (License Fee Apply)
  • Recording per 25GB (R100)
  • Mobile App
  • Works with any IP Phone
  • Browser-Based Platform
  • Video Conference
  • Website Integration
  • Free Internal Calls
  • Managed PBX

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Easy to Configure

Configuring an account on a soft-phone or PBX have never been easier


Cost Effecive

Save up to 70% on your monthly telecom bills


Time is money no downtime

If your business or home wifi is off just switch to mobile network and you are ready to go


Low data usage

We use the G729 Codex for quality and stability


Mobile softphone

Our VOIP services runs on any softphone


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We offer 24/7 support via our ticketing system or online chat

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